About Au.Ora

Founded on the belief that there is a golden (AU) light (ORA), an aura, that surrounds you when you feel your best, when you are present, when you're delighted with who you are - this brand was created to evoke your inner goddess.

In January of 2022, Lindsay Rochelle, the founder of Au.Ora passed away leaving her signature forever etched on our hearts. It was her wish that the company continue so that her daughter, Jovie, would be left with a piece of her and a means to fund whatever dreams may come her way.
Now, with Lindsay's golden light shining upon us, we continue her legacy of thoughtful and stylish pieces that are made to withstand an active, adventurous, and vivacious lifestyle. The only kind Lindsay knew how to live.

Meet The Team

Miranda Lynné (Creative Director)

Miranda is a mother of twin girls and a lover of all things fashion. If there was ever a twin flame to Lindsay, Miranda is it.
Having graduated from FIDM University and designed and lead numerous award winning brands, Miranda has one of the keenest eyes for fashion and trends of anyone we know. There is no one suited better to lead this brand than one of the original co-founders and Lindsay's most trusted ally.

Jovie Blanciak (CEO - Boss Lady Extraordinaire)

It is not every day you come across a teenager as cool as Jovie. She currently is in ASB as her school's Treasurer and if her looks don't kill you... her smarts and cunning attitude will.
This fearsome girl gets her grit and beauty from her mother, Lindsay. But she's got a splash of sass all her own.

Carissa Joy (Operations and Tech Magician)

Carissa is a mother of two boys and is ALWAYS on the go. There's nothing that stops this fierce lady other than golf, a good meal, or the opportunity to display her comedic wit (something she shared with her sister Lindsay).
As a certified energy healer she is different, yes, but she is also a technical wizard and bad B in the business world too.